SONGSThe Sweetheart of Sigma Chi

The following is a sampling of the more popular songs of the fraternity. We invite you to email any Sigma Chi songs you've gathered over the years.
The ones we can post, that is!

The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi
A Sig I Am
Sing a Song to Sigma Chi
Come Brothers, Sing
Then Here's To Our Fraternity
Hark! The Sigs
The Cross Song
The Fellowship Song
Sigma Chi Waltz


The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi
(Words by Byron D. Stokes, Albion '13
Music by F.Dudleigh Vernor, Albion '14)

When the world goes wrong as it's bound to do, and you've
broken Dan Cupid's bow, and you long for the
girl you used to love, The maid of the long ago.
Why light your pipe, bid sorrow a vaunt, blow the
smoke from your altar of dreams; and wreathe the face of your
dream girl there, The love that is just what it seems.

The girl of my dreams is the sweetest girl of
all the girls I know; Each sweet coed,
like a rainbow trail, Fades in the after glow.
The blue of her eyes and the gold of her hair,
Are a blend of the western sky; And the moonlight
beams on the girls of my dreams, She's the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi.


A Sig I Am
"Happy Day":Words by Richard C. Hughes, Wooster 1884, Walter H. Reynods, Wooster 1886, and McClure S. Todd, Wooster 1887

A Sig I am, A Sig I'll be,
A Sig through all eternity,
A Sig by day, a Sig by night
To be a Sig is my delight

Sig, oh Sig, Sigma Chi,
I'll be a Sig until I die;
Sig, oh Sig, Sigma Chi,
I'll be a Sig until I die.


Sing a Song to Sigma Chi
By Ellis O. Jones, Ohio State 1897

Sing a song to Sigma Chi, and sing it
loud and clear,
Sing it with a mighty shout, so all
the world can hear
Make the good old welkin ring and
lift it to the sky,
As we gather 'round and sing a song
to Sigma Chi.


Come Brothers, Sing
William L. Steele, Illinois 1896

Come brothers, sing together
the praise of Sigma Chi,
With loyal proud devotion
our hearts are beating high,

One band of friends,
nay brothers in closest bond are we,
Sweet ties to be unbroken through all eternity.

Though far apart we're scattered,
as brothers we are one,
The mystic tie that binds us
extends from sun to sun,

From broad Pacific's border
to classic eastern slope,
From west to east we're singing,
live Sigma Chi, our hope.


Then Here's To Our Fraternity
Composed by Beta chapter, Wooster; Arranged by Milton C. Anderson, Cincinnati '50

Then here's to our Fraternity, and
may she never die.
May heav'n preserve the Blue and
Gold; and The Cross of Sigma Chi.
Oh, Sigma Chi, Oh, Sigma Chi, I grieve
that we must part.
Oh, Sigma Chi, thy snowy Cross;
Is blazoned on my heart.


Hark! The Sigs
Words by M.E. Coleman, Chicago 1898;
Music by E.S. Smith, Chicago '08

Hark! thru the night comes a sound of voices, raised by a loyal
and lusty crew.
The Sigs are marching and chanting praises
Of friendship lasting, of hearts so true;
And as we march along we'll sing a song; In praise of dear old
Sigma Chi!
We'll sing that grand old song "A Sig I am;" "A Sig I'll be until I die."


The Cross Song
Words by Clyde P. Johnson, Cincinnati and Cornell 1893

Of all the ones that near perfection, Stainless, without gloss,
Sigma Chi is my selection, We revere its cross.

Hail the cross, the snow white cross! Its praise always tell;
Prize, o prize our glitt'ring emblem, Guard, o guard it well!

Long ago in old Miami, Seven men of old,
Raised aloft our glor'ous emblem, Snow white cross of gold.


The Fellowship Song
Words by Byron D. Stokes, Albion' 14; Music by F. Dudleigh Vernor, Albion '14; Arranged by Milton C. Anderson, Cincinnati '50

Gone forever the soft June nights, gone the rollicking crew,
That stole away from the darken'd lodge, at the witching hour of two;
Scatter'd like leaves in the autumn breeze, that amorous company,
But where'er I roam I'll be longing for the fellows who liv'd with me.

True blue the fellowship, true thru the years, Born in the days a-gone; Golden the
tho'ts that our mem'ries hoard, fine and fait as the dawn.
There's always a blue sky above, boys, and a bright golden sky sails high, And the
Blue and Gold are blended in the soul of a Sigma Chi.
And the Blue and Gold are blended in the soul of a Sigma Chi.


Sigma Chi Waltz

You waltz her in the corner, lad
You hold her close like this,
You put your arms around her waist
and on her lips a kiss,
And if she starts to murmur,
or if she starts to sigh,
You tell her it's the grand ol' seal
Of dear, old Sigma Chi !

I waltzed her in the corner, sir
I held her close like this,
I put my arms around her waist
and on her lips a kiss,
She did not start to murmur,
She did not start to sigh,
And now we have a legacy
To dear, old Sigma Chi !